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No Photoshop, no Illustrator, just plain ol’ hand-painted Nazi advertising. Though obviously not as cool as the Soviet

One of the issues the Nazi authorities faced with the local population during four years in occupied Belgrade (1941-1945) was how to neutralise the ideological influence of both the Soviet Marxist-Leninism and Anglo-American liberal democracy.

Among various other propaganda techniques, a well established means of mass political advertising were posters. Although the Nazis never reached the avant-garde coolness of Soviet design, it is certainly interesting to see how the German propaganda machinery worked in occupied Belgrade during the war.

It’s a simple story: Communists are death squads, Churchill is a drunken bastard and basically, they’re all Jews.

“Dear God, let my country be forever mine so I don’t share it with time wasters” 

(Didn’t the communists say that too? Anyway, it’s what right wing politicians still shout today. Down with time wasters, our country for our people!)

“Who will overcome? No one! Because the Jew keeps the balance in check. Visit the Anti-Masonic exhibition and see for yourself.” 

(Stalin is nothing but an action figure in the hands of old Jewish guys with beards.)

“Bolsevism, rule of terror.”

(Yes, it’s Tom Cruise from Vanilla Sky. Factories burning in the distance.)

“This is England! Are the English friends of small nations?” 

(Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt, somewhere between Adams Family and Robert Crumb’s characters. Stalin is the butcher, obviously, hatchet soaked in blood; incompetent Roosevelt limping in the background, both lead by ol’ Winston for a glass of whiskey, Grim Reaper navigating from behind. In case you’re short of inspiration for your next Halloween party…)

“Back off, communist monster!” 

(A sturdy Serbian peasant – forever in his late 50s – fights back a charging commie. It’s all about the giant corn, really.)

“Serbs. Everyday moto is ORDER and WORK.”

(Actually, it’s not.)

“Liberator? No, never.”

(But hey, those cheekbones…)

“Mother Serbia, they are leading you to your death, but for their own sake.” 

(American and British officers grabbing poor mother Serbia, with a help of a naked commie.)

“No one to thank but Germany for chasing away this danger out of Serbia and Europe.” 

(Wait, you mean this enraged triple-headed King Kong?)

(Churchill is drunk. And he’s a Jew.)

*Images taken from: Učionica istorije

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