Emerging women’s issues in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

What are women’ s issues in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Women’s issues has been used an umbrella term and it has been the centre of debate, discussions, roundtables, international conferences and documents. However, what is an issue? what women’s issues have been discussed on the digital mediascape in Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

Some results from a 5 year research project, realised thanks to the kind support of many bloggers, activists and local human rights organisations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The networks have been visualisaed with Gephi. The database has been created manually for blogs, whereas twitter data and conversations (or campaigns) have been mined, analysed and visualised with R Studio.

The qualitative analysis of blogs has been undertaken using NVivo and it is not published here for ethical reasons.

Network and Space: Women’s issues in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Egypt Saudi Arabia Combined

Egypt’s issues network

Saudi Arabia’s issue network


Egypt_Final June 2016_data

Saudi Arabia_Final

Draft Cover of my monograph:)

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